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Obiettivo Qatar is a reference point in Qatar for companies aiming to grow, invest, and build a portfolio in the Middle East. Initially, the company started with a few clients. We have too many clients to mention, due to our dedication and passion to the company growth.


Obiettivo Qatar has contributed to the success of several Italian and European companies, providing support throughout their international business development and connecting their supply of specialized services with the high demand for know-how on the territory.


The quality of our consulting services is rooted in a deep understanding of the local culture.Thanks to our presence in the country, we offer a unique knowledge of local economy dynamics, including details of supply chains organization, information on government agencies acting as key players in the growth of the country, and contacts with all the major local holdings.


Even more importantly, our strength lays in personal relationships with the leading stakeholders of various market sectors, grounded in trust and respect, and built over time thanks to high professionalism in all of our business dealings.

Laura Bertuccioli 
Managing Director

 Laura Bertuccioli is a business development and marketing expert with over 25 years of commercial and business management experience.

Laura has been operating the business with much success and growth. This is due to her extensive knowledge and diverse industry expertise in both Qatari and Middle Eastern Markets. Laura has a proven track record of high professionalism, reliability and ethical value, which is an asset when handling business relations between prestigious Qatari and international companies.


Laura is a reliable, well equipped professional with extensive knowledge of the business environment of Qatar and its rules. We are sure that she will keep providing great support to our company, especially thanks to the respect and high opinions that the major players of business in Doha have for her.

Ignazio Carbone

Business Development Director, MM SPA

Comparing the efficacy and the results achieved through many agencies, I can state without a doubt that Obiettivo Qatar has been and is the best possible business consultant; they are useful and effective in penetrating a competitive, tough, complicated, and yet crucial market like that of Qatar.

Claudio Devoto

Chairman, Devoto SPA

Laura’s leadership is renowned and appreciated, and the major players in Doha's business development have great regard and respect for her. Definitely added great value to our group, and to our mission of tackling Qatar's market incisively and obtaining results.

Roberto Bettiato

General Manager, Reggiani SPA Illuminazione

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Laura’s ability to handle human relationships and to interpret a company’s opportunities in relation to an intended market, combined with her deep knowledge of the Gulf context, is an important factor to drive and support growth in Qatar.

Ugo Benzi

President, Proteco

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