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Our consulting services provides attention and support to each clients' needs and opportunities in the Market. Bringing our expertise in  marketing,  strategy, organization, operations, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and sales to tailor each client, both local and international, with the right tools to achieve success first-hand.


Strategic planning and business internationalization

  • Defining penetration strategies for local market

  • Supporting, planning and preparation of the feasibility studies

  • Reducing the time to reach milestones in the internationalization process, while minimizing the learning costs

Organization and local support

  • Your office - LOCALLY

  • Support in NewCo implementation

  • Selecting distributors in Qatar and the GCC

  • Identifying local investors for the opening of  local branches, in order to provide services and goods or for any industrial production required

  • Investigate the availability of local sponsors who can adequately support companies interested in large infrastructure and government projects

Performance improvement

  • Guiding and supporting clients through the process of pre-approval to be placed on the local project vendor lists

  • Obtaining necessary certifications to operate in specialized sectors within the market

  • Continues support throughout the tender process

Sales and marketing

  • Networking and lobbying to strengthen the clients’ presence in the market

  • Supporting export managers with the local client in before and after sales.

  • Bridging cultural differences

  • Communication and marketing management


Procurement services

  • We operate within 10 fields with a wide portfolio of manufactures & suppliers within different sectors and markets

One-stop-shop Solution

  • We offer one place for all your projects needs

  • Offering various elements within each sector. For example within construction we have fit outs for lighting, flooring etc

Full project communication management

  • We are able to handle a project from start to finish communicate right from the start to full project completion between your company, suppliers and manufacturers as well as JVs

Competitive pricing

  • We can offer competitive rates which compete well within the market due to our knowledge of each supplier in the market. We are able to best match a portfolio of suppliers to fit with both your budget and requirements.

  • Our ability to secure highly competitive rates are due to large volume of work we have with our international clients


  • Our knowledge and networking skills in the market allow us to help you find the best match for your business need.

Project timeline effectiveness

  • We understand the pressures of tight timelines and can accommodate different types of projects with short, med or long timelines

Cross-cultural consultancy

  • Our depth and length of working with both European and local companies gives us first-hand knowledge and experience in understanding each party when working across cultures

Manufacturers and suppliers facilities visits

  • We can plan and accompany your team around Italy and Europe to visit various companies according to your needs.

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